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When your customers purchase your products and services repeatedly, and are quick to tell others about how much they like your company, you have created what’s referred to as “brand loyalty.” Surely there are local businesses in the Lafayette, Louisiana area that you think of first when it comes to shopping for new clothes for the kids, or a place to get a really good haircut or that favorite bar or restaurant you rave about to friends. Brand loyalty pays the bills.

Creating brand loyalty today has become a lot easier to achieve and maintain due to the power of Social Media Marketing which gives customers the opportunity to interact with their favorite brands. A brand’s customers can easily share articles, videos and announcements about the company’s products and services with their legions of social media contacts and friends. We now know how powerful this new social media technology can be when used correctly.

Here at the Matthew Aaron Agency of Lafayette, LA our Social Media Marketing experts can create a custom marketing strategy for any size business that utilizes the many benefits of social media interaction to reach and retain an ever growing audience of brand loyalists that includes free word of mouth marketing.

Implementing a comprehensive social media campaign for any business can increase sales by taking advantage of the following top benefits that a multiple network media strategy can offer that reaches potential investors, industry bloggers, popular media, and new customers. We already talked about improving brand recognition and loyalty, but here are a few more benefits that social media can deliver.

  • Increase opportunities to convert visitors into customers with every new post you create using video, audio, text and graphics.
  • Improve conversion rates by making your brand more “human” and accessible to brand loyalists.
  • Improve brand authority by being recognized as a thought leader in your industry.
  • Increase inbound traffic to your business website where purchases are made.
  • Reduced marketing costs when compared to the extravagant price of traditional advertising.
  • Improve your business website’s search engine ranking.
  • Improve your customer’s buying and service experience by addressing problems and compliments in real time.
  • Gain new insights into the mind of your customers by requesting their suggestions and ideas in order to improve your service model or to create a new or improved product.

The Social Media Marketing specialists at Matthew Aaron Agency can help grow your business using the above campaign strategies and results at a reasonable cost to you. Our business strategy is designed to improve your online visibility by creating a customized social media process that is understandable and cost effective.

Sign up for a free MAA Lafayette social media marketing strategy consultation to begin the process of increasing your customer base and loyalty. Or call us at (337) 735-4724. We look forward to working with you.

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