You can’t just expect people to find your account and be so enthusiastic that they instantly hand over their money. People need to trust that you know what you’re talking about and that you are an expert in your field.

Believe it or not, people aren’t just throwing around money to the first brand they follow on social media. They really want to make sure that you’re worth investing their hard-earned money into.

When a person comes across your profile, the first thing they want to know is, “What can they do for me?” Expertise answers this question and it is what makes services or products valuable to a potential consumer.

Here are 3 ways to show off your skills on your social media accounts:

Offer Valuable Tips

If you are truly a pro in your field, you should have ample amounts of value to offer your followers. This means that throwing out extremely valuable tips a few times a week on social media should not be much of a hassle to you. (This is the way your audience thinks.) Your value should be so amazing that people assumed they should have paid for it.

Offering valuable tips on social media gets your audience enticed about you as a leader in your field. This especially works if it is something they can actually implement in their lives or Google it for confirmation. It shows them that you’re not just saying random things to give the impression that you’re educated in your field, but that you really do possess the information and proficiency to do what your website says you can do.

Share Your Site’s Blog Posts

Having a blog on your website gives your audience a “taste” of your knowledge in your specific niche and gives them access to content they can use as a resource even if they’re not buying from you just yet.

When you’re valuable, you become a resource, which is one of the best things to be when it comes to marketing online. Considering that social media is one of the best places to advertise, sharing your blog posts on all of your accounts allows you to market your mastery to all of your followers and potential customers.

Not only does this show-off just how well-versed you are, but it also starts to generate people to your site. If you’re constantly sharing “Buy Now” links and trying to “sell” to your audience, you might get the people who are already familiar with what you can do to buy from you, but what about those new followers who are still on the fence? Those are the people who need to be introduced to you, your brand, and your knowledge before investing money into you. Promoting your site’s blog posts on social media helps them to do that.

Tell Your Story

One of the most humbling ways to establish yourself as an expert in your field is to just tell your story. If you went through 6 years of college to know everything you know now, say that. If you’ve been doing a specific service for 10 years and have yet to have an unsatisfied client, say that. Although your audience wants to be reassured that you know what you’re doing, they also want to be connected to you as a person.

Your audience is who you were before you became an expert. For example, if you teach karate, your audience is who you were before you took your first karate class. Giving that before and after storyline really helps your audience to better empathize with your overall journey and give your expertise much more respect.