To have a bunch of followers on social media is one thing, but establishing a true loyalty between your audience and your brand on social media is another. Brand loyalty is the conscious or unconscious decision/habit of a consumer to repurchase from a brand consistently.

Social media is one of the most influential places for your consumer. Every person they follow on social media instantly becomes an influence into the things they engage in, spend their time on, and most importantly, what they spend their money on. These are the people they ask when on the fence about purchasing something online. These are the people they refer to when needing recommendations to buy something. These are the people whose opinions on a specific brand that they truly respect.

People don’t just buy things without thinking, especially online. Every single purchase a person makes is a conscious decision. In other words, they make a choice whether to buy or not, or buy from you or someone else.

Sometimes, it’s more than just valuable services. Often times, people won’t even flinch when seeing your prices, because they just genuinely like the customer experience they receive. Whether it be the valuable information you offer in your content marketing or your lovely personality on social media, establishing that uniqueness that builds and maintains clientele is where the real brand loyalty lies. Gaining this loyalty ensures that whenever they are ready to deal with someone in your industry, the choice will always be you.

Here are a few benefits of establishing brand loyalty:

Unfazed By Price

It’s pretty ironic that social media is where people are both most skeptical, but also most trusting. People just don’t want to be bamboozled, BUT social media is one of the first places they go to search for services. There’s so much value to be consumed there, but there are also a lot of malicious brands.

When a person first finds out about you, they are completely skeptical of you and they’re not very sure if:

· you’re trustworthy

· your information is valid

· you’re qualified to do what you do

· your prices are truly worth the investment

With all of this combined, it makes them a little doubtful of sending money your way.

Establishing brand loyalty on social media and consistently giving your audience tons of value builds a genuine, trustworthy relationship that makes them not even give your prices a second look once it’s time to make a purchase. This is because, by now, they already know that you’re extremely valuable, and they can count on you to give them a bang for their buck and an awesome customer experience.

Recurring Customers

What kind of toothpaste do you use? What kind of soap do you use? What about deodorant? For all of those questions, I’m pretty sure you didn’t answer with an entire list of different brands that you use. You most likely had either one or two. This is the perfect example of brand loyalty generating recurring customers.

Whenever you find a quality product, brand, or service, you instantly feel safe and a sense of security with purchasing it because you already know it works. It’s a consumer’s behavior to make it a habit of reinvesting into things that make them feel safe. Also, it’s just easier to buy something that you already know works rather than having to search and decipher between other brands.

Social media is where most people’s influence comes from when trying to choose a brand to work with. When you establish brand loyalty with your audience on social media, they will constantly invest money into hiring you. Eventually, it will become a no-brainer. No matter what your services are, if a customer is loyal to your brand, if they need what you’ve got, social media will be the place that makes sure you’ll be the very first person they call.

Free “Word-of-Mouth” Advertising

One of the first rules of advertising is that “word-of-mouth” is one of the most effective methods of not only increasing purchases but also establishing a pre-determined trust within new customers. Although people still are truly influenced by in-person conversations, social media has become the modern-day “word-of-mouth” advertising.

There is so much “bad business” on the Internet these days, that people don’t really trust brands from the beginning. What they DO trust, is personal opinions from the family and friends they are constantly around AND follow on social media. When these groups of friends and family (who are already loyal to your brand) recommend you to new customers, it starts the beginning of evolving them into a loyal customer as well.

Having someone be so loyal to your specific brand that you are the very first person they recommend when services within your field come up in conversation, is one of the most valuable and highly customer-converting benefits.